Bus Hire Dublin to Donegal: Traverse the Irish Northwest

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Hiring a bus from Dublin to Donegal is a great way to explore northwestern Ireland’s green landscapes, legends and ancient sites. With its sea cliffs and sandy beaches, Donegal is one of Ireland’s most iconic destinations to experience.

Moreover hiring a private coach in Donegal is a surefire way to make your group journey comfortable and memorable. Read on for more details about hiring a coach to and from Donegal. 


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Dublin to Donegal Bus & Airport Transfers 

Donegal is located about 220 km away from Dublin airport. A standard airport transfer takes around 3 hours or more, depending on the road conditions. The two cities are well connected with about a dozen direct daily buses operating between them.

How much does a private bus from Dublin to Donegal cost?

Single adult tickets costs €24 on average. However, if you wish to arrange comfortable transportation for a larger group of people, Volubus has you covered with the most competitive up-to-date bus travel prices. The exact price may fluctuate depending on the time of year, and the quality and size of the bus you choose.

Coach Hire Donegal: Small Group Travel Solutions

Many social occasions such as weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and others require a degree of coordination and planning, especially when large groups of people are involved and they need to be transported somewhere. In Donegal, hiring a mini bus is a great way to ensure hassle-free transportation for your whole group.

What are the advantages of hiring a private coach around Donegal?

Apart from getting rid of the usual travel chaos that accompanies large groups and coordinating arrival times, a coach is also a great shared experience that builds camaraderie within the group. Moreover, a coach in Donegal can offer you great flexibility when picking your sights and stops. 

What’s there to see in Donegal?

Donegal is famous for its natural beauty with rugged coastline, gaelic cultural heritage, craftsmanship and historical sites waiting to be discovered. It’s also home to one of Ireland’s six national parks. Here’s some of the most famous destinations around Donegal: 

• Glenveagh National Park – a national park that spans 16,000 hectares of mountains, lakes, glens, woods, and a historical castle.

• Slieve League Cliffs – some of the highest cliffs in Europe with stunning coastal views

• Malin Head – Ireland’s most northern point with breathtaking scenery of the Atlantic

The return trip: Bus from Donegal to Dublin Airport 

Travelling from Donegal to Dublin is pretty straightforward. If you are a solo traveller, you can check out the many direct bus connections between Donegal and Dublin. If you’re part of a larger group and would like to arrange a direct airport transfer, you can contact Volubus.

Final thoughts on busses from Dublin to Donegal 

Dublin and Donegal are excellently connected by bus, with almost a dozen direct buses travelling every day. However, the distance of over 200 km demands a bit of planning in advance, especially for larger groups of travellers. Direct airport transfers from Dublin are possible if you arrange them with Volubus. 

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    How to book?

    How can I place a booking? Our clients can book either transfer (point-to-point) or per-hour services online via our booking platform. If your request is more complex than a transfer or an hourly rental, you can send us all details of your itinerary, so that we can put together a specialized quote. What vehicle categories can I book with Volubus? You can select Minibus or Mini, Midi and Maxi Coach services. Example vehicle types are available upon request and can be guaranteed if requested in advance and the vehicle requested is available.

    Types of services

    Transfer Pick-up from a specific address and drop-off at a specific address. Rental by the hour If you need a vehicle for more than a straight transfer service on a particular date, renting by the hour might be the solution. Special request If your request is more complicated than a transfer or an hourly rental, you send us all of the details of your itinerary so that we can put together a specialized quote.

    Changes and cancellations to bookings

    How can I change my booking? Changes to all services can be made at any time, and will be enacted if possible, depending on vehicle availability. If a change is requested over 7 (seven) days before the service, and the change is possible, the total price will be adjusted to represent the new service parameters. If the change is requested under 7 (seven) days before the service, the new total price cannot be less than originally confirmed price. How can I cancel my booking? For all transfer services, including but not limited to point-to-point transfers, airport transfers, and hourly transfers, cancellation is free of charge if there are more than 10 (ten) days between the cancellation day and time and the agreed pickup time. If there are less than 10 (ten) days before the agreed pickup time, a 100% cancellation fee is applied (total cost of the booking).

    Billing and payments

    How can I pay for my booking? Once your booking has been confirmed with a service provider, you will receive a confirmation email with payment details included.I n order to fully confirm your booking, your online payment must be placed in 24 hours from the receipt of the invoice and payment details. Are there any extra fees? If there are special requests, not bookable in the booking process and beyond the specifics of the point-to-point transfer or hourly service, there may be extra fees additional to the initial quotation price.


    Travelling with children The need for safety seats for children should be requested by the Client in the online booking process, to allow for the necessary safety measures to be taken, for the carriage of children under the regulations of the locality of the service. Please note that safety seats cannot be guaranteed. Passenger(s) with disabilities Should any of the passengers require assistance related to a disability or impairment, this information needs to be included in the booking request. When travelling with an assistive device, the dimensions of the device are needed in order to ensure it will fit in the vehicle. Please note that the local service provider has the right to refuse the carriage of guests if specific requests have not been made and then confirmed by the provider prior to the service, especially if the service provider believes that the safety conditions of the travellers might be compromised.


    What kind of luggage am I allowed to take? The amount of luggage for all the passengers must be entered during the booking process. The vehicle type quoted will take into consideration one piece of checked luggage per person. Carry-on bags also need to be mentioned. A carry-on bag is typically between 8 and 10kg, while a regular checked bag is typically between 20 and 23 kg. Oversized luggage Oversized luggage (greater than 23 kg and/or larger than the typical dimensions of a regular checked bag) and special luggage (ie. golf bags, skiing equipment, bicycles, etc.) must be mentioned in the booking process as an additional request. Neglecting to mention any excess luggage could result in additional charges.


    How can I guarantee the safety and quality of the driver and vehicle I book with Volubus? Our team verifies, assesses and partners with all of our suppliers included in our network, striving to maintain our high quality standards from our suppliers, throughout all of our active locations.

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