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How it works

1. Submit your request

Fill out the request form. Provide details such as the event, group size, date, and any special requirements.

2. We customize, you decide

Our team swings into action, finds the ideal options to cover your needs and presents solutions that match your request.

3. Confirm and roll

Review the details of the offer and – when you’re ready – confirm your service.

Targeting the best solution for your travel, we constantly evolve our vehicle network of quality local bus and coach operators.

Targeting the best solution for your travel, we constantly evolve our vehicle network of quality local bus and coach operators.

Why Volubus is your choice
for a perfect travel experience

Easy to book

Ease of booking with just a few clicks
through our platform.

Competitive pricing

Competitive rates affordable for all budgets.

Simple online payment

User-friendly online payment process upon
service confirmation.

Free cancellation

Up until 5 days before pickup provides
flexibility and peace of mind for our

Flexibility and adaptability

Experience in adapting to various customer
needs and changes.

World-class Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support team to help and
answer any questions before, during and
after the service.

Reliable and punctual service

Consistent quality of service for worry-free

Vehicle quality and comfort

Cleanliness, comfort, and overall quality of
buses and coaches were frequently

Wide range of vehicle options 

We cater to various transportation needs,
different group sizes and their preferences.

Vehicle categories


For up to 15 passengers

  • Perfect for small groups, ensuring intimacy and comfort.
  • Ideal for airport transfers, day trips, and shuttle services.
  • Offers a cozy ride with ample storage space for luggage

Mini Coach

For up to 25 passengers

  • Spacious and comfortable for group outings and corporate events.
  • Equipped with amenities for VIP transportation.
  • Suitable for regional travel and small wedding parties.

Midi Coach

For up to 35 passengers

  • Ideal for group tours and educational trips.
  • Offers ample seating and onboard facilities for extended travel.
  • Perfect for corporate retreats and special events with spacious interiors.

Maxi Coach

For up to 36+ passengers

  • Designed for large group travel, providing cost-effective transportation.
  • Spacious and comfortable for cross-country tours and religious pilgrimages.
  • Equipped with amenities for conferences, conventions, and event shuttles.


Simply booked group transport for holidays, tours and events. Volubus connects you with bus and coach travel and provides reliable transport solutions across Europe and the UK.

Event Transportation

Perfect transportation for your event, ensuring comfort and style.

Group transfers

Simple and convenient group transfers for collective journeys.

Private shuttle / Airport transfer

Reliable private airport transfers for a smooth travel start.

Ski transfer

Convenient ski resort transfers for your perfect vacation.

School bus trips

Safe and fun school bus trips for educational and recreational events.

Sports team bus transfer

Comfortable and reliable transfers for sports teams and fans.

Wedding transportation

Elegant and reliable wedding transportation services for your special day.

Minibus and bus rental

A wide range of buses and minibuses with drivers for group journeys of any scale.








They travelled with us

Ready for the perfect journey?

Who we work with

Who we work with


How to book?

What to include in a request? Please provide us with as many details as possible, including:

  • Pickup date
  • Pickup time
  • Number of hours (for hourly services)
  • Pickup location (specific address)
  • Drop-off location (specific address)
  • Passengers number
  • Luggage pieces (carry-on bags)
  • Luggage pieces (suitcases)
  • Special luggage pieces (sports equipment etc).

If you have any special requests concerning the vehicle or the trip itself, please let us know as well. When do I receive a quotation? Depending on the complexity of the request, it might take up to a few working days. In case our Team needs more time, we will contact you within an update. How to confirm a service? After placing a request, one of our agents will contact you and provide you with an offer. If you have any additional questions or wish to confirm the service, feel free to contact your agent providing the following details:

  • Contact person
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • VAT/Tax ID (if applicable)
  • Lead passenger’s name
  • Lead passenger’s contact number
  • Flight details (if applicable)

The invoice will then be emailed to you for payment via credit card or bank transfer.

Changes and cancellations

How can I change my booking? Changes to confirmed bookings are possible but are entirely dependent on vehicle availability. Please contact our team with your change request. We will verify it and get back to you as soon as possible. How can I cancel my booking? For all transfer services, including but not limited to point-to-point transfers, airport transfers, and hourly transfers, cancellation is free of charge if there are more than 10 (ten) days between the cancellation day and time and the agreed pickup time. If there are less than 10 (ten) days before the agreed pickup time, a 100% cancellation fee is applied (total cost of the booking).

Billing and payments

How can I pay for my booking? Once your booking has been re-confirmed with a service provider, you will receive a confirmation email with payment details included. In order to fully confirm your booking, your online payment must be placed in 24 hours from the receipt of the invoice and payment details. Are there any extra fees? If there are special requests, not bookable in the booking process and beyond the specifics of the quoted request, there may be extra fees additional to the initial quotation price.


Travelling with children The need for safety seats for children should be requested by the Client in the online booking process, to allow for the necessary safety measures to be taken, for the carriage of children under the regulations of the locality of the service. Please note that safety seats cannot be guaranteed. Passenger(s) with disabilities Should any of the passengers require assistance related to a disability or impairment, this information needs to be included in the booking request. When travelling with an assistive device, the dimensions of the device are needed in order to ensure it will fit in the vehicle. Please note that the local service provider has the right to refuse the carriage of guests if specific requests have not been made and then confirmed by the provider prior to the service, especially if the service provider believes that the safety conditions of the travellers might be compromised.


What kind of luggage am I allowed to take? The amount of luggage for all the passengers must be entered during the booking process. The vehicle type quoted will take into consideration one piece of checked luggage per person. Carry-on bags also need to be mentioned. A carry-on bag is typically between 8 and 10kg, while a regular checked bag is typically between 20 and 23 kg. Oversized luggage Oversized luggage (greater than 23 kg and/or larger than the typical dimensions of a regular checked bag) and special luggage (ie. golf bags, skiing equipment, bicycles, etc.) must be mentioned in the booking process as an additional request. Neglecting to mention any excess luggage could result in additional charges.


How can I guarantee the safety and quality of the driver and vehicle I book with Volubus? Our team verifies, assesses and partners with all of our suppliers included in our network, striving to maintain our high quality standards from our suppliers, throughout all of our active locations.

Coach Rental and Bus Hire by Volubus

Big events call for a grand celebration. But organising transport for a bigger group is usually a time-consuming and exhausting endeavor. Handing over the reins to a high-end bus hire and coach rental company, however, clears the way for easy group transportation – all you have to do is pick your destination and invite your party.

A luxury transportation agency should have a myriad of available options – from minibus hire (with driver) to personalized coach rental. The most suitable option should cater to the group’s size and particular needs – whether the context is wedding transportation, sports team bus transport, school bus trips, ski transfer, or any other type of event transportation.

It’s true – transportation can make or break an event. In this article, we’ll see how the right private bus rental service can lead to a majorly successful journey.

Effortless Event Transportation: From Weddings to Corporate Events

Reliable transportation is pivotal to commemorating events of any size -this requires a versatile five-star event transportation service.

An event starts before your guests arrive. A snug and enjoyable journey is the foundation for beautiful memories that will shape the future of your community. To that end, Volubus can arrange a timely arrival and a setting for mingling with other guests while en route.

Smaller, more intimate weddings and team-building events call for curated minibus hire options. Minibuses and mini coaches are luxury vehicles, ideal for smaller groups of up to 15 and 25 people respectively. 

On the other hand, mass corporate and wedding transportation is notoriously tedious to organize. Fortunately, special events with sizable attendance can be easily taken care of via capable coach hire. Boarding our coaches that offer spacious and comfortable traveling conditions for 35 or more passengers can alleviate much of the planning stress leading up to your big moment.

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