Partner Service Level Agreement (“SLA”)

Volubus acts as a Booking intermediary between international customers (hereinafter “Clients”) and the local service Partner, to facilitate global ground transportation. The below document outlines the terms by which Volubus AB and The Ground Transfers Service Partner cooperate. Hereunder, Volubus AB is referred to as ‘Volubus’ and The Ground Transfers Service Partner is referred to as ‘The Partner’.

1. General Service Terms

1.1. This document in no way serves as an obligation for the Partner to accept Booking(s) from Volubus but outlines the service terms upon which Volubus Bookings are confirmed. Confirmation of a Booking by the Partner, in writing or via a confirmation link, acts as a binding contract between Volubus and the Partner for the completion of the service, as outlined in Booking communication from Volubus.

1.2. The “Booking(s)” is defined as a service of ground transfer ordered by Volubus from the Partner and performed by the Partner, including, but not limited to, point A to point B transfer; with previously agreed number of Clients, luggage, pickup and drop-off locations, date and time; with a mutually agreed vehicle standard; and a mutually agreed gross price paid by Volubus to the Partner.

2. Pricing

All pricing agreed between Volubus and the Partner, via email, or any other mutually agreed written form, is inclusive of all costs the Partner expects to incur in order to carry out the confirmed service. The prices are gross and include, but are not limited to: parking fees, border fees, waiting time, city entrance fees, fuel consumption, driver costs, additional requirements such as child/boosters seats. For each Booking, the Partner is not entitled to receive further compensation or remuneration from Volubus other than the agreed price, subject to point 8. below.

3. Driver(s) and Vehicle(s), Insurances and Licensing

The driver(s) and vehicle(s) allocated to each agreed Booking must satisfy all local regulations and laws associated with Client transportation. The Partner confirms that they hold up-to-date insurance documents and licences abiding by the local ground transport operator regulations.

4. Waiting time

4.1. Volubus Bookings include an expected 15 minutes of waiting time for non-airport pickups and 60 minutes of waiting time for airport pickups. Airport pickups are scheduled by Volubus for 45 minutes after the plane’s landing time, at which time, the waiting time begins. This waiting time cannot be additionally charged by the Partner and is defined as the standard waiting time communicated to the Client(s).

4.2. Flight changes are to be accommodated and shall not incur additional fees from the Partner for up to 60 minutes before or after the flight is scheduled to land. The Partner is responsible for tracking adjusted flight landing times on the day of the service.

4.3. If a Client is not reachable after the standard waiting time defined in points 4.1. and 4.2. of this SLA, the driver can leave the pickup location. Such a Booking is defined as Client No Show and is fully charged by the Partner. The Partner must inform Volubus about the Client No Show on the day of the service. If Volubus Customer Support is unavailable, the Partner must leave a voice message or a WhatsApp text message confirming the Client No Show after the standard waiting time. The contact details of the Volubus Customer Support are listed in point 9.2.2. of this SLA.

4.4. If the standard waiting time defined in points 4.1. and 4.2. of this SLA is exceeded, the Partner can agree with the Clients on extra waiting time. In such a case, the Partner must notify Volubus about the agreement with the Clients, especially if the additional waiting time results in an additional payment to the Partner directly by the Clients. Volubus is not responsible for any additional payment agreement made directly between the Partner and the Clients.

5. Service contact details and communication

5.1. Driver details and/or any necessary coordination contact details are to be communicated to Volubus via email, at least 24 hours prior to the start of each Booking. These details will be communicated to the Clients in case they need to contact the driver for any reason at the time of the service.

5.2. The Partner is obliged to provide Volubus with a 24/7 Customer Support phone number.

6. Cancellation and Amendments policy

6.1. A Booking can be canceled by Volubus free of charge following the below deadlines prior to the scheduled pickup time for each service:

  • Minivan (for services for up to 8 Clients): 24 hours (1 day)
  • Minibus (for services for 9 to 15 Clients): 72 hours (3 days)
  • Mini Coach (for services for 16 to 25 Clients): 96 hours (4 days)
  • Midi Coach (for services for 26 to 35 Clients): 96 hours (4 days)
  • Maxi Coach (for services for 36 to 60 Clients): 120 hours (5 days)

Bookings canceled after these deadlines can be fully charged by the Partner.

6.2. A Booking can be canceled by the Partner following the below deadlines prior to the scheduled pickup time for each service:

  • +120 hours (+5 days) to the pickup – Free of charge
  • Between 120 hours (5 days) and 48 hours (2 days) to the pickup – 20% of The Partner’s price to be charged by Volubus 
  • Less than 48 hours (2 days) to the pickup – 120% of the Partner’s price to be charged by Volubus

6.3. If the Partner can provide a substitute transfer for the same price, quality and vehicle standard, there is no additional charge. If a Partner can provide a substitute transfer for a higher price within the same quality and vehicle standard, The Partner must cover the difference in the gross price of the transfer. In such a case, Volubus shall pay the Partner the agreed price and the Partner is responsible for any additional settlement fees.

6.4. All Booking amendments must be mutually agreed in written form by both Parties.

7. Inability to provide full extent of service, usage of third party by the Partner, and Client incidents

7.1. In the event that a Partner recognises that they are unable to provide the full extent of a service outlined in the communicated Booking before the pickup, the Partner is responsible for informing Volubus of any service limitations or changes required. Examples include changing the pickup or drop-off location due to inaccessible roads, or changing the size of the vehicle(s) due to road limitations.

7.2. The Partner cannot use a third party to perform a Booking unless agreed by Volubus in written form. In such a case, the third party must meet all of the requirements outlined in this SLA, and the Partner is liable for the Booking.

7.3. Driver No Show is treated as a last minute Booking cancellation by the Partner and is charged by Volubus as defined in point 6.2. of this SLA.

7.4. If The Partner is late or does not arrive at all for a pickup resulting in the Client missing a scheduled flight or appointment, the Partner shall be liable for any costs incurred by the Client or by Volubus due to this delay. This includes, but is not limited to, the cost of new flight tickets or alternative transportation.

7.5. All incidents occurring during the service including, but not limited to, the Client’s misbehaviour such as alcohol consumption, smoking or using e-cigarettes, loud and driver-distracting behaviour, littering, damaging inside and/or outside parts of the vehicle and rude or uncooperative behaviour must be reported to Volubus Customer Support on the day of the service (availability in 9.2.2. of this SLA).

7.6. Partners are required to notify Volubus in advance if they plan to use multiple vehicles for a single Booking, especially in cases of group transportation where a single, appropriately sized vehicle is assumed.

8. Extra fees

Any additional fees outside of the agreed pricing defined in point 2. of this SLA must be communicated by the Partner to both Volubus and the Client(s) on the day of the service. Additional fees are to be resolved directly between the Client and the Partner. If payment for the additional charges cannot be processed immediately, then both the Client and the Partner must officially notify Volubus of the terms of the new agreement so that financial processing can be subsequently carried out.

9. Communication with Volubus

Official channels of communication between The Partner and Volubus are:

9.1. Communication by Email:

  • In case of any questions, amendments to, or problems with a Booking, the Partner should contact Volubus at

9.2. Communication by Phone: 

9.2.1. For all pre-Booking or post-Booking questions, amendments to or problems,the Partner should contact Volubus at the dedicated Partners phone number at +46 40 668 88 71.

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00-17:00 CET 

9.2.2. For all matters at the time of the service the Partner should contact Volubus (via Phone call/WhatsApp) using the dedicated Customer Support phone number at +46 40 668 88 87.

  • Monday-Thursday: 9:00-20:30 CET
  • Friday: 7:00-20:00 CET
  • Saturday-Sunday: 6:00-21:00 CET
  • Response times outside of these Customer Support hours might be delayed

10. Payment policy

10.1. Bookings will be paid by Volubus to the Partner up to 14 days from receiving the Partner’s invoice.

10.2. The Partner’s invoice must include Volubus Booking(s) number(s), otherwise can be rejected.

10.3. The Partner cannot contact the Clients in relation to payments for Bookings with a price defined in point 2., unless it involves extra fees described in point 8. and point 4.4.

10.4. If there are any queries regarding payments, the Partner should contact the support team using or our Volubus Partner phone number +46 40 668 88 71 (availability in point 9.2.1. of this SLA).

11. Contract Breach 

If the Partner breaches this SLA by performing activities including, but not limited to, contacting the Clients for commercial reasons or requesting payment outside of the terms of this SLA, it will be considered a material breach of the SLA. In such an event, Volubus may terminate the cooperation immediately without notice and without any further obligation towards the Partner. Volubus will then be entitled to pursue any and all remedies available to it, including, but not limited to, the right to recover any damages incurred as a result of the breach.

12. Liability

12.1. Volubus takes no liability for the provided travel service, but acts only as an agent between the Client and the Partner. In particular, Volubus is not liable for costs related to:

  • Damaged luggage 
  • Missed flight
  • Extra hotel expenses 
  • Driver no show 
  • Vehicle accidents  
  • Causing personal injury(ies) 
  • Causing material damage(s)

The Client is entitled to claims related to Bookings directly from the Partner. In case there are any claims arising from the Client to the Partner, Volubus will make available to the Client the Partner’s contact details thus allowing the Client to pursue any possible claims (including, but not limited to, personal data).

12.2. Volubus does not assume any liability for the correctness, completeness, or timely receipt of the information transmitted by the Client to Volubus and then forwarded in due time and in unchanged form to the Partner.

13. Data protection

The Partner and Volubus are considered independent controllers for the processing of the personal data and will both handle all personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and respective local privacy laws for the performance of the services.  

Volubus acts as a ticket vendor, as defined by Regulation (EU) no 181/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 February 2011 concerning the rights of Clients in bus and coach transport and amending Regulation (EC) no 2006/2004 (‘ticket vendor’ means any intermediary conducting transport contracts on behalf of a carrier).

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